"Under The Foreveryoung Sky" 2006

1. Castle Of Immortal Spirits

Among the endless forests, around which spreaded the plains,
whose horizon disappears in the haze, encircled by the ring of rocky mountains,
an ancient castle dismally hangs over the the sunset.
His gate gapes like parched jaws with crushed fangs of lattices.
Its eyeless windows contemplate invariable landscape, and sadness and pain congealed in their sight.
They keep the memory of those times when life was flowing here like sunny honey and shone with the rays of harmony.
When instead of black ashes there were variegated houses, there was the smell of sun and grass in the air,
when the spirits of neighbouring forests and waters were long wished guests.
When instead of broken off spires proud banners fluttered, and instead of ruins the royal citadel towered above.
When there burnt bonfires, but not walls…
And with the crown of fertility was marked the land around the castle. Stars told the inhabitans how to live, how to develop and
to perfect their Power, how to create the beautiful, and to maintain its beauty. The inhabitans of the castle were
spiritual by magnificence of environing world, and everybody found himself in art, creation,
making magic and development of sciences. Thanks to harmony in the kingdom and in spirit, they easily
felt emotions and senses of each other, and it contributed their consciousness in deeds.
They were tender, and they were beautiful.

2. The Price Of Loyalty

The horde of the crusaders drunk of blood at full speed rushed along areas unmarked on the map.
They’ve lost the trace long ago but thirst to overtake the enemy made them forget about prudence and rest.
The maps of place were burnt in campfire – they had no value here anymore.
Blind rage lead them to the mountains among which the towers of an unknown castle were seen.
Trampling field flowers down into the ground and frightening the kept quiet animals, cavalry rushed to it.
As they saw weaving patterns on the castle gates and walls, their leader tarried for a second and held his horse
but his face distorted with a grimace of wrath, he raised the sword above his head and rushed ahead, and his battlecry
was a sign for attack.
They did not spare neither old men nor children.
Flesh and blood stuck to the helmets and armours.
They did not answer any questions - mincing rashly the hands raised in begging gesture.
The inhabitans of the castle were wise and beautiful, but they could not fight and didn’t know any cruelty.
And now those who was still alive were going mad as they saw that.
Knights’ eyes without compromice shone with cruelty and their strong arms sank in blood more and more.
Detachment moved closer and closer to the royal chamber, leaving behind them the bloody harvest.
The doors got unhinged with an unexpected blow, and the dance of death stopped for a second.
The sights of the king and the crusaders’ leader came across each other.
Around the king there gathered twelve heads of main kins – the state counsil.
Each of them was the king himself but the one thing united them all.
After a part of a second the last obstacle split, and blood irrigated the daylight again.
Dying, twelve faithful counsellors, twelve fathers of the noble kins, twelve stars with the banners of the state swore to stay forever by the royal throne and to defend Its peace eternally.
They were not warriors.
But they were beautiful.
And the stars have heard them.

3. Of Times


4. Aehelia - Wilderness Of Icy Flame

Where once majestic mountains rose
There lies now in the mist my wasted land
Under the veil of velvet twilight
Beneath the crystals of the Northern stars

Millenia are passing by
I'm nothing but a lightning
To pierce and rip the web of their blind hate
The one with shadow wings
To guard Thy tender slumbering...

For wounds of Thee are gaping on my spirit
Oh if my black tears just could soothe Thy pain!

Their scorched flesh and bones
That's what remained
And ashy wind of my sorrowful spirit
For once I was the fire
Burnt myself...

5. The Oath Of A Twelve Stars

Tht 12th of December, 2012.
An expedition of archaeologists is lost among thick forests and endless fields in search of unique discoveries.
The secret chronicle sources mentioned about existance of a certain “Cursed castle”,
which keeps the mystery veiled with gloom.
It was already the second month of wanderings in endless waste lands and deep impassable forests…
And there, finally from behind the mountain fangs, charred, half-destroyed towers showed themselves.
The expedition realized that it could not be nothing else, and at once went to the ruins.
A shocking sight appeared before their look: the castle was half-destroyed, walls were covered with soot, and the nearest two hundred metres of ground looked dead and had no vegetation.
The gates were trodden in the ground, and from the walls at the entrance hung crusified, driven with steel wedges, skeletons…
Which once were the inhabitans of this place.
The expedition made its way through the ruins of the town to the royal chamber, holding its breath.
Everywhere were visible the signs, casting images of terrible tragedy once happened here.
The doors of the royal chamber were blocked up with a huge cross. Judging by blackened metal, it was seen that they’ve tried to set the building on fire, but by unknown reasons it was only charred on the outside.
After a few hours of hard work they managed to unlock the doors, and here came into force the Oath of the Twelve Stars.
Before the expedition’s look appeared a strange sight: in the center of the hall stood the royal throne, on which a skeleton in regalia and artefacts set.
Skeleton’s right hand lay on the sword-hilt, and the left one rested at the heart as if he was swearing an oath.
And expedition was already approached by rising at the pedestal of the throne twelve skeletons, ironclad in silver armour and with the swords in their hands.
For these long years they mastered the battle skill to perfection.
That’s therein was hidden the mystery of the castle - realized the archaeolog who led the expedition, falling onto dirty floor under blows of iron gauntlets.
And above the spires of the towers like the rays shone twelve stars.
They kept the oath.

6. Slavonian Sea


7. Last Dance Of Warrior

Hunting for the personal power, today’s sun gave me a sign
Best in my life will done in the end of this day
I will dance for my death on this summit in the end of day
In my last dance I tell about my struggles
About the fights, victories and defeats
About my gladness and confusion
From the my meets with a personal power
On my way – crystal blade of black!
My dance will tell about secrets and wonders –
All that I save up
My death will seat here and watch me
Sunset will shine me, but not burn!
Sunset will paint landscape in gold
Wind will soft and melt,
And my summit is shiver
Near the end of my dance
I looked to the golden sun
Because I will never see such as it was
After that my death take me way to south –
To eternity…

8. Tomb Of Stillborn Hope

(Lyrics except by DUSK CHAPEL

9. Renewal By Darkside

Millions of insignificant reflections
fill the space so sick,
Than hardly to shift from star to star
in flight of senses
Huge crowd litter the atmosphere
by the giant layer of emotions
And starlight was stop heating
and feed the contaminated spirits.

Cheap thoughts become more important
than the spirit evolution
Joys and snares of this world obscure
the eyes of human race
Permanent background noise of voices drive me mad,
Reach out from every quarter hands snatch and suffocate...

I throw up the web of this world
and discard my mask
For rise I need the Renewal!

Renewal By Darkside

I dismiss my reflections and descend into Darkness
And Darkness embraced me...

My power now play with the eternal silence
My spirit break the chains
For evolution I need the Renewal,
Reneval By Darkside!
Silence wisper the words of mystery
In Darkness appearance the light
edged the spectre of colours
Now the fetters is broken and the masks away!

Secrets is opened and I have dialogue with the Stars.
I will know all ahead deeds when I return
I will have the keys to all closed doors
Lies and filth will not exist for me
And the interlacing paths of stars will be my nerve centres.

10. Throne Of Purgatory

Original lyrics by ENTHRONED

11. Cemetery At The Heart

In the shadows of grimness I was forsake the temple of love,
I was destroy throne of Angel's Purity, and I will no more see this beauty in my heart...
The gates of midnight is opens, and I have path to the forest, and to the old cemetary in it's heart.
Moonlight, open me way to my world, open the portal to them, who no more alive... Nightspirit!
Give me a truth of stardragon's flame!I am nothing... and I am all.

Ëèðèêà Tangorodream