"In The Name Of Ancient Faith" 2001

Fifth Element Mysteria

Fifth Element Mysteria - combination of spirit arise
That murder great kings - stronger like a stone walls
Unify of the spirit and fifth element can give strong torrent of personal power
Possessed the might and blessed by world within that, who know this secret
Mystery of all wonders will come true across the ages
Those, whose imagination alive, and spirit and sense is clear
Always ready give oneself and life
For the touch to eternity in shiver deep darkness in heartbeat.
I forsake the blind material world,
My consciousness trusts my feelings
Time destroy civilizations and dry the rivers
When gone turbid water, we have seen the gold in the riverbed
Through My essence star axis open
The spell of Fifth Element Mysteria.

If You Are God

Stop the time, fall into oblivion
Forsake your fear at the threshold
So many centuries, so many years
I look for my name and everlasting flame
I live my last life for my rite, and I fight,
I struggle within in dimension of Might!
Subconscious actions - true remain
Astral projections - show me reality!
Ceremony of stars, chain of the lives
Victims of faith fall to hate.
Beyond the portal of the dark sun
Sword of creation in imagination
Remember your dreams if reality come
Now you got the right on your star be a god
Torments is here, don't trust in illusion
Broken trees now you can see
You past isolation without the future,
And way of the glory, and way of immortal,
For honor and crown seven star like a sickle
You look at the sky - eight star is a me.
You was lived in the dreams
The earth is unreal and nothing
And will follow your star,
If you want be a god…

Last Dance of Warrior

Hunting for the personal power, today's sun gave me a sign
Best in my life will done in the end of this day
I will dance for my death on this summit in the end of day
In my last dance I tell about my struggles
About the fights, victories and defeats
About my gladness and confusion
From the my meets with a personal power
From my way - crystal blade of black!
My dance will tell about secrets and wonders -
All that I save up
My death will seat here and watch me
Sunset will shine me, but not burn!
I take the way of power
On the peak of crystal mountain
Remain the sword from starly steel
Remain the last dance of warrior…
Sunset will paint landscape in gold
Wind will soft and melt,
And my summit is shiver
Near the end of my dance
I looked to the golden sun
Because I will never see such as it was
After that my death take me way to south - to eternity…

Ëèðèêà Tangorodream